Mistresses Anonymous

SARAH J. SYMONDS – Biography

Sarah J. Symonds is a leading author, broadcaster and Journalist, as well as the world’s first and only “Infidelity and Relationship Analyst,” making her an expert in this field. 

Before changing lanes to become an author in 2005, Sarah had a successful career in international hotel public relations & marketing. This jet-set lifestyle turned out to be an ideal backdrop for some of her real-life experiences, giving her endless material to analyze! Her PR skills have also enabled her to book herself as a guest on some of the biggest television talk shows in the world. 

Her first book, the controversial self-help manual, “Having an Affair? A Handbook for the Other Woman,” attracted huge media attention, and unwittingly catapulted her to agony aunt status overnight, making her a real life “Dear Amy.” 

Symonds has cultivated a massive following of women, all seeking her advice on complex relationships. Her edgy angle of expertise was severely lacking on this topic, making her the,

“Talking Head,” frequently called upon by the news media to comment when stories break about celebrity marriages being rocked by affairs and sex-scandals. 

Sarah speaks with a hard-hitting, straight-talking approach that guarantees a controversial debate wherever she goes, making her hot property on the talk-show circuit. Her natural on camera

ability has made her a favorite on countless international TV and radio talk shows, and in various glossy magazines. 

Following a groundbreaking appearance on the “Oprah Winfrey Show” in 2008,” she has since become a regular fixture on “The Dr. Phil Show,” and “Larry King Live,” plus “The View,” “Dateline NBC,” ABC primetime, and many others. 


Sarah continues to stir the minds of millions of women with questions on how to get out of toxic relationships, as well as how to “affair-proof‟ a marriage, resuscitate a relationship, or how to

successfully move on if you’ve been the victim of cheating. 

An overwhelming response from women seeking her advice, led her to pioneer a support group, “Mistresses Anonymous,” (“MA”) which she launched in Los Angeles, attracting women in need,

as well as much media attention.  She now also works with wives, educating them on how to prevent – or stop - their husbands cheating on them.  


Sarah is a natural broadcaster behind the microphone too, with experience cultivated through hosting her own weekly LA radio show about relationships - appropriately named “Between the

Sheets” - which she created, launched, wrote and co-produced. 

These days, as well as running the Mistresses Anonymous Support Group, and a relationship advice blog called “Pillow Talk,” she is currently penning her memoirs as well as writing her next self-help book. 

Symonds is a British 30-something blonde who is constantly circum-navigating the enigma of love. She has a distinctive and authentic speaking and writing style, delivered with the same sort

of sassy, but breezy, humorous approach rarely seen since Carrie Bradshaw hung up her Manolo Blahniks and retired.